...[we] are afforded two things in life that we must always protect integrity & IMAGE...


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A thank you is always in order when one has selected Peculiar Images as their image engineer with the camera.  Over the last 7 years we have taken the time to study lighting, posing, and most notably--branding.  No matter if its beauty, business, marriage, or family--you're branding.  Within our studios across Maryland we make our images unique to each client through a joyful experience of laughs, and bonding.  


Branding sessions are key to every single business whether small or large.  Proper imaging for good branding is needed because people mostly trust brands that LOOK like they're experts.  Branding shows future clients and consumers WHAT they need to either resolve their issue, or save them time so they can resolve other issues.  Good branding also reflects optimism, enthusiasm, and light at the end of the tunnel.

Peculiar Images wants to help you check off all the boxes so that your brand--whether big or small--can attract the target audience.

Posing is usually one of the biggest concerns for the portrait sessions, but I can promise you that we've been doing this enough to make you comfortable during your Peculiar Experience. Our team of professionals will be on hand to make sure you put your hand where it needs to be as well as ensure that you properly reflect your brand!


Before people even have the chance to meet you, your headshot is the first thing they see to decide if you fit the avatar they imagined



The days of business cards with names and phone numbers only are almost over.  To the affect of social media and internet dominance.  Your professional image is priority for flyers, announcements and newsletters


separate yourself


Networking is important--matter fact ITS VITAL, but its also just as important to ensure that your image stands out most.  

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225 /pp

The headshot pack is designed for the professional looking to have a clean image solely for the purpose of LinkedIn  and business (to include flyers and announcements.  This pack includes photos from the chest up either our Annapolis or Salisbury Studio.

+ 20 minute session
+ up to 10 High Res Digitals
+ one (1) retouched image
+ one (1) outfit
+ Free Online Gallery

the solo headshot pack

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+ 2 - 9 individuals:  $149/pp
+ 10 - 20 individuals: $129/pp
+ 20+ individuals:  $99/pp

+ up to 5 High Res Digitals per person
+ one (1) retouched image per person
+ Free Online Gallery

Pricing is subject to sitting fee and equipment fee

the Corporate Pack

FROM 675

This is the package you want if you need more than just your average headshot.  This is the package you need to capture full body brand.  This is when we get the expressive shots, capture images of your brand for social media, and future ads.  Check out our Branding Gallery

+ one (1) hour session
+ up to 40 High Res Digitals
+ three (3) retouches
+ two (2) outfits
+ Free Online Gallery

Price does not include travel fees

branding session pack